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You Sing Me To You

I wait for you to call me,

as so often you did at sunrise,

only now you sing me to you

using nature's lullabies.

When the pain of your loss is unbearable,

and it threatens to extinguish my light,

you show up to help me find it again,

using nature's arms to soothe my plight.

When I miss you with a loneliness unparalleled,

and I fear my heart might shatter beyond repair,

I hear your voice slowly humming to me,

gently pulling me back from dark's despair,

All is well, I hear you hum,

everything is going to be fine,

it's all exactly as its meant to be,

see the beauty in God's design.

When your voice is what I long to hear,

and it seems nothing with take its place,

you gently call me to the woods

where in nature I feel your embrace.

When I sit crumpled in heartache's grief,

unable to make myself do nary a thing,

I find myself drawn to the open window,

where over and over your voice does sing,

a song of joy and a song of praise,

sweet notes of promise from heaven above,

a reminder of life's cycles and its perfection,

the sound of you in God's song of love.

Today I needed you to call me,

as so often you did at sunrise,

and there you were, singing me to you,

using nature's comforting lullabies.

©Chris Colyer

May 19, 2018

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