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I have been quiet,

watching the earth's eyes

open and close,

open and close,

proclaiming Spring's rebirth


around me,

within me.


I have been quiet,

holding nature in my hands,

feeling her well up within me,

breathing her comfort,

gently loving her

and loving me

into new form,

learning to wield heart's energy and power.


I am remembering

who I am

and from where I came,

the ease of breath,

the courage of letting go,

the power of trust,

the softness of flow,

the malleability of form.


I am remembering

my connection

to the Divine,

my innate knowing,

my strength,

my influence,

my importance,

to the whole.


I am emerging

like the dormant 17 year cicada,


from nymph to maturity,

ready to fly into the face of the unknown,

to fearlessly sing my song

into awakening ears,

a warrior for love and truth.


I am emerging,

the whispers of my ancestral warriors

clearly guiding me,

joining the many,

tunneling up from the darkness

into the light

that is love,

that is the way home.

                                                                      ©Chris Colyer

May 16, 2021

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