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Poems About Fear, Letting Go, and Relinquishing Control

The Extreme is But Fear Manifested

But let the extreme of any thing or thought or feeling

drift out to sea,

float away on the wind,

fade into nothingness,

for to be at peace in a world of intense unrest

takes centeredness, not selfishness,

faith, not fear.

It takes turning inward to silence:

to prayer,

to meditation,

to heart -

to that sacred space where the stillness of being

creates communion with the divine  -

a place where there is absence of judgement,

release of fear,

and immense peace:

peace of being,

of understanding,

of knowing.

And in practicing and achieving this peace,

serenity will trickle from your pores,

tolerance will spill from your lips,

empathy will sparkle from your eyes,

love will emanate from your heart,

and you will shine with the essence of the divine,

and you will glow with an aura of harmonious balance.

And you will rest well in the assurance that the pendulum will again find its place in the center of extremism and chaos,

and you will know that your example of acceptance and kindness,

of moderation in thought, action, and being,

of trust and belief in the greater forces at play,

is an epiphany that will set in motion

a healing revival –

a return to a new way of being

and a peaceful balance and order in all things.

For when given the slightest nudging,

through vision,

through prayer,

through intention,

through love,

balance always finds its way.

Chris Colyer

October 9, 2019

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