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Vibrant colors of a cloudy, pre-dawn sky

Morning Breath

The pre-dawn twitches

its first signs of life

like the blooming flower

ever so slowly opening to the light.

Consciousness stretches,

awakening dawn's cacophony.

Morning praise

echoes through the

blind slits into day's awareness,

a sweet chorus to wakefulness

entering through the ears

into the heart of day.

Nature stirs,

rubbing the sleep from her eyes,

breathing morning breath

into spirits

slowly rising

from the depth

of dark's hold

on dreamland,

into the illumination

of day's promise

of Hope.

"Be up with me," dawn seems to whisper.

"A new day has come."

Eyes lazily open to

morning's glory

and life glistening

with possibility's sparkle.

©Chris Colyer

July 2, 2020

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