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Redefining What Is

And just like that, the busyness suddenly stopped.

And everything became quiet while reality grabbed hold and fear gripped the world.

And, suddenly, what once was important no longer was,

and what was necessary was redefined,

and what was needed found a way,

and what was to be, slowly became so,

and the people listened,

and God waited.

And what followed was The Great Collective Pause.

And the children stayed home,

and the parents that could, worked from home,

and families played together,

and they took walks together,

and they cooked and they ate together.

And they smiled,

and they laughed,

and they cried,

and they cuddled,

and they reassured each other,

in spite of their fear and worry.

And in the forced stillness they began to pray,

and God listened.

And while everything was closed,

the air became cleaner,

and the water became clearer,

and the sky looked bluer,

and the sun shone brighter.

And answers that at one time were lost in the chaos of too much,

were unearthed in the presence of simplicity,

and the winds of Mother Nature whispered of rebirth

and the picture of life began to change.

And the people prayed for guidance and mercy,

and God heard hearts calling his name,

and He answered.

And neighbors checked in on neighbors,

and friends called to cheer,

and hearts began to heal,

and rifts began to close,

and egos began to crumble,

and love flowed like rain,

and life took on a slower, softer pace.

And parents remembered,

and children learned,

and people let go,

and 'I' became 'we,'

and we became one,

and the consciousness of humanity turned its face toward love.

And what was broken began to heal,

and what was missing was found,

and what was no longer needed faded away,

and the world shifted so abruptly on its axis

that everything stopped spinning such that all that could be heard

was the angels trumpeting

a return to God.

©Chris Colyer

March 22, 2020

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