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The Leap of Faith

She has done a courageous and beautiful thing-

a thing that for a long time felt impossible.

She made the decision to honor an inner knowingness that told her it was time to let go,

time to embrace a new dance,

a dance that will twirl and spin her into the great unknown,

one that will undoubtedly require an unfamiliar skill set complete with challenging leaps and uncomfortable slips and falls.


All she knows for certain is what she must do to prepare:

Be still,





So for now she hangs,

as though from a cocoon,

in a state of perfect balance,

wedged equally between excitement and fear,

in an exotic space where the mix of emotions simmer and intoxify,

where heart beats with both peace and anticipation,

where the uncharted has ego artfully in check.


In the distance she can hear the music of her longing getting louder as it slowly weaves its way home to her,

a bold, triumphant, and celebratory sound,

proclaiming her spirit's return to voice,

her body's reconnection with presence,

her soul's heart space opening to the universe,

her intuition's re-engagement with the power of self.


Each day she lifts her face to the warmth of the sun's rays

until she feels her joy overflow into the colors of radiance,

and her energy meld with the source of Light.

"Do not look back," the whispers keep reassuring her." The questions are merely tests. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You are ready for what's next."


She now understands that within the darkness of her journey through grief,

within the chaos and the wilds of self-discovery,

inside the arms of the ancestral space that held her from beyond, and the loving force that heard and absorbed her countless tears,

and surrounded by the shooting stars that carried her sadness and her wishes onto the wings of angels,

she found the comfort of being divinely supported and guided.

She found release,


the peace of God.


She discovered the beauty of showing up for her own unfolding,

of embracing her own repeated wilting and blossoming,

of honoring the part of her that whispered she keep searching and find a way,

that insisted she listen deeper,

that kept nudging that the only way out was through,

that promised she would discover the grace of forgiveness, and the perfection of timing,

that reminded her regularly of her courage, and of the fearlessness that was slowly resurfacing within her.


These same angels now trumpet her impending rebirth,

while the universe sings a chorus of praise and thanksgiving,

for her long-anticipated leap over the rainbow of relinquishment has landed her at a beautiful new curve on the spiral staircase to forever.


She gently leans her back over the curve's edge, throws open her arms, and lifts her face to the heavens.

"Thank you," she whispers.

©Chris Colyer

January 5, 2022

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