Reborn Through Death

(words that woke me from sleep after my mother's passing)

No need to look in the distance,

beyond the horizon or through the mist of the clouds,

just look to the wind for my spirit,

I'll be soaring peacefully just as I vowed.

Listen to the still within the quiet,

let it speak to the ache in your heart,

It is there you will find me waiting,

just as I've been every moment from the start.

Call to me as you have done always,

from the very second I became your mom,

know I'll be listening and watching forever,

providing comfort and offering you calm.

Cry not for the loss of my physical body,

rejoice instead in my transformation of being,

know I'm surrounded by a love incomprehensible,

basking in the glory of the answers I've been seeking.

You will sense me all around you,

I'll be everywhere you look,

I'm in the center of your very being,

I'm in nature's every cranny and nook.

Through death I am reborn to spirit,

forevermore part of God's greatest gift,

what's happened is merely a passage to forever,

let me go now with love, set me gently adrift…

©Chris Colyer

May 24, 2017



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