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Image by Kelly Sikkema

Broken Heart

Heart that knows not

how to beat without pain,

be patient in the waiting,

for time will slowly soothe your aching

and illuminate your path to wholeness.

Heart that beats a song of sorrow,

release yourself from your prison of ever-playing echoes.

Allow yourself to hear another beat --

the rhythm of healing hope --

and it's gratifying song of triumph.

Heart with armor protecting its deep wounds,

feel the nudging to let down, little by little,

the walls imprisoning your pain.

Recognize that the barriers you keep are preventing the forgiveness

that will allow you to let go and slowly begin anew.

Heart that feels crippled from the loss

that shattered your world,

rest not in the comfort of bitterness or in the drowning of grief;

rather, hasten to a new awareness

that you might again see your place and know your worth.

Heart that wishes it had not happened,

let go of what ifs and whys.

Let go of fault and blame and anger.

Search for the lesson and the meaning behind the pain,

and embrace the growth that comes only from a fissured heart.

Heart that longs for what was,

accept that you will never again be the same.

But, know your story - your truth - will slowly call to you, like whispering breezes blowing in from the distance,

waiting, patiently, for you to feel their healing touch, and

longing for you to hear the sound of your heartbeat made new again.

©Chris Colyer

January 18th, 2016

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