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Untamed Life

I want to ride out the rest of my life,


the wild horse in me running free,

lavender and purple steaked hair streaming behind,

face wind-blown and sun-kissed,

utter abandon and gratitude my only makeup,

inhaling life's perfection with every breath,

stopping for naps in fields overflowing with wild flowers,

pausing to touch and assimilate the wisdom of hundred year old trees,

sending leaves filled with prayers of thanksgiving down every steam,

standing on every mountain peak and at the base of every waterfall, arms outstretched in praise, absorbing nature's regenerative powers,

kicking up and leaving behind the dirt of all that matters not,

grabbing joy and chance by giant handfuls,

and leaving flashes of colored light in my wake so spell binding that their beauty will remain long after I've crossed over life's bridge into the arms of forever.

 ©Chris Colyer

Feb. 5, 2020

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