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Divine Healing

Divine Perfection

It was all part of the master plan

losing you the way that we did -

in that perfect place

with those precise people

in that exact way

at just your reserved

moment in time

A moment when

you could exit this earth

in the same way you began -

with love

with family

with perfection

with God

A moment when

we could all be together -

when we could unite

for you, for her

for each other

for forgiveness

for letting go

With enduring memories

of a beautiful wedding

of a perfect picture

of a joyous celebration

of a perfect place and moment

in time


We stand closer -



forevermore bonded

by a perfect memory

made ever more perfect through

the perfect beauty

by which you left us

Knowing this is all part of

the greatest story ever told

Your story

flawed with perfect imperfection

divinely overseen

masterfully synchronized

perfectly executed

your way

to the very end

Life well lived

Man well loved

My father

Rest now

In perfect



©Chris Colyer


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