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The Door

You see that door up ahead,

the one surrounded by nothing but light's promise,

gleaming with optimism,

coaxing you to open it and step into

your future?

It beckons you nearer,

calling from the distance like a mother to her babe,

gently luring you with its whispers of reassurance,

pledges of unimaginable joy and possibility,

dreams barely capable of being envisioned.

In the quietest of hours

when your inner voice can be heard

crying out with confident knowing,

you see yourself opening that door,

emerging into the spotlight of your timing's sunshine.

You are bold in those quietest hours,

you are living your purpose,

you are happy,

you are proving what trust and faith can do,

you are letting your love take flight.

You are doing what at first seemed only barely imaginable,

you are living in the cradle of your soul's calling,

living in unison with the higher plan for your life,

living to nurture yourself and others,

living to make the world a better place.

In those quietest of hours

you leave behind your old life

to remind the world of the perfection that exists in every moment:

how love is made more beautiful through living,

how living is made more meaningful through loss,

how loss is made bearable through love,

how love is the secret that binds us all forever.

You see the door up ahead?

its calling you to yourself,

its calling you to shine

with beauty and radiance

in the magnificent light of love.

Open that door.

Be all you were meant to be.

Light the world with your gifts.


©Chris Colyer

February 17, 2018

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