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Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

Touching God

I reached for you today,

much like dreams reach for the stars,

and there you were,

your physical warmth in my outstretched hand so real

I at first surmised my soul must have leaked love's loss into memory's manifestation.

More likely, though, it was the innocent pureness of my intention that found you waiting for me,

but I know it was you,

and my heart cried out with the wails of a lamb bleating for its lost but found mother,

and my soul sobbed with the joy of your essence.

For a moment time did not exist

and all that was, and is, seemed as eternity,

and I filled myself with your love and reassurance

that I might shine it like a beacon for the grief weary of the world,

Knowing now, as I do,

that our heart minds are capable of reaching through this physical dimension

into the spiritual one that is soul space,

where the points of intersection overlap,

connecting our hearts with those beyond, forever.

Merely an intention away,

we can reach for lost love where it is:

right beside us, in us, around us, and always near,

in the inner space where light and love originate,

in the heart that is the source of all life,

that is God.

©Chris Colyer

Dec. 27, 2018

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