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Stuck in anger muck

so thick I can't budge -

pulling me in,

sinking darkness,

my eyes no longer see,

but cancerous rage.

Locked in anguished heartache

so painful my chest might explode -

crushing despair

of what ifs,

why him,

not fair.

Drowning in tear streams of injustice

so salty they burn my skin -

through to my thoughts,

searing my brain

with doubt,

questioning God.

Tortured by fate unfathomable,

so unjust it threatens to consume my soul,

extinguish my light,

steal my faith -

leaving no answers,

only questions and the most grievous of grief.

Tormented by time's ticking,

so uncertain the hour of departure,

it steals my existence

with unending winter grays,

dark frightening clouds,

time stopped in wait.

Bracing for the stone wall,

undeterred in his determination to strike me down,

lurking in the phone,

toying with my emotions,

playing the waiting game,

the dreaded call of death rings near.

©Chris Colyer

January 30, 2016

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