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Poems About/From the Pandemic

I think there can be little question that this time of quarantine is teaching us, and reconnecting us with everything we forgot in the chaos of too much. It's as if there is a giant hand holding us down and whispering to be still... to LISTEN... to hear our hearts calling us back to our lost pieces.

Finding the Lost Pieces

Let us climb to the highest peaks offering panorama,

where what lies beyond beckons the eyes of the heart,

where spirit feels deeply connected to life's meaning,

where soul understands the significance of each connecting part.

Let us pause there in the hushed wishes of the rainbows,

among the beams of soft color and light,

where possibility hinges on the arches of forever,

where hope is the answer to all plight.

From there we'll fly to the far reaches of the planet,

dispersing Love's promise and comfort from above,

we'll spray the world with the brilliance of heaven's divinity,

we'll cover humanity with the pureness of the dove.

We'll seed our vision with whooshes of understanding,

we'll water hope with yesterday's tears of despair,

we'll nurture faith's sprouting with newfound awareness,

we'll destroy darkness with the power of our prayers.

So, hold tight to the whispers that guide your perceptions,

never question their knowing or their worth,

for they gather in the collective of our human consciousness,

forming the chrysalis from which we'll rebirth.

Tomorrow carries a promise of heightened awareness,

where love and gratitude will fuel our restart,

so live not in the fear of sickness or its changes,

for these are calling us to the lost pieces of our hearts.

April 28, 2020

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