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The Gift of the Pause

How sweet is the air that knows not where to blow,

and the hours that give bend to our whim,

the heart that is free to follow its beat,

and the spirit that can hear its own hymn.

How remarkable this sudden shift to stillness,

busyness dethroned in the blink of an eye,

forced to recreate life via the simplest joys of being,

rediscovering a faith no longer able to deny.

Let us marvel at this breath not planned for,

trust panic's grip to slowly release its stronghold,

see how through our struggle we are daily growing,

recognizing signs of our new life as they slowly unfold.

Understand that tragedy creates transformation,

or perhaps it’s merely realization unmasked of its excuse,

but know the forced isolation is slowly making us over,

while mother earth shines her recovery from our abuse.

Uncertainty is the master of unveiling,

and change is opportunity merely masked as storm,

unhurried is the pace for awakening,

and fear is the gift that informs.

So rest now in the assurance of a new day,

but accept this invitation to rethink your values,

remain strong in your heart's ever-present courage,

while allowing God to highlight your own personal battles.

For our world is at a critical crossroad,

and each is being asked to take heed,

prayerfully consider the life you've been living,

radically redefine what it means to be in need.

Offer your heart and your kindness to others,

show compassion through word and through deed,

graciously savor each moment for its blessing,

let go of the self's powerful all-consuming greed.

Envision the world wrapped in love’s powerful life-force,

hearts connected each with the other,

immerse yourself in the consciousness of global healing,

honor the whispers of rebirth as they flutter.

Learn to listen to the still of the quiet,

for it is here that God does speak to our hearts.

Throw your arms up in praise and thanksgiving,

for we are being given an opportunity to restart.

©Chris Colyer

March 27, 2020

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