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Love From the Beginning

Once we choose to let go of our grip on what was and begin to accept that which can no longer be,

we allow for the greater possibility of what is and the reassurance of what has always been.

We embrace our instinctive knowing of the universal truth,

our understanding that those we have loved and lost are never truly gone from us,

for love - from its very moment of inception - is etched permanently in the heart, and in the fundamental fabric of the cosmos.

Removed from us only by the dimensions of time and space, our lost loved ones remain,

living in, around, and through us,

in our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies,

in the light that is our very essence,

in the love that is the soul of our collective consciousness,

in the energy that is our life force.

They live in the birth and new beginnings of spring’s grand reopening,

in the raindrops the sun illuminates into rainbow's awe-inspiring marvel,

in the majestic streaks of sunshine's rays,

in the grounding of sand and earth beneath our bare feet,

in the repetitive comfort of ocean's washing waves.

They live in the rustling of autumn’s cool breezes,

in the earthy moistness of the fall’s leaf covered landscape,

in the breathtaking splendor of seasonal cascades of colors,

in the iridescent sparkles of snow's magnificent crystals,

in the muffled quiet of winter's blanketed sleep.

They exist in the perfect predictability of day's and night's cycles,

in the splendor of dark sky's shooting stars and space’s astrophysical wonders,

in the regenerative prowess of night's still slumber,

in the promise of tomorrow's hope,

in the nudging of dream's inspiration.

They exist in the new day's rebirth,

in the sunrise's show of splendor,

in the daylight's illumination,

in the heart's overwhelming surges of gratefulness,

in sunset’s glorious gift of transformation.

They live in our thoughts,

our memories,

our tears,

our conversations,

In our feelings,

our love,

our breath,

our dreams,

In our focus,

our purpose,

our gifts,

our teachings.

When we listen,

we hear them,

when we look,

we see them   


When we reach,

we feel them,

when we question,

we know

the answers.

Our loved ones remain,

in every cell of our being,

in every beat of our heart,

in every particle of the air we breathe,

In every piece of nature's grandeur,

in every beautiful sound we hear,

in every birth and death,

in every prospect and possibility.

Love from the beginning,

Love for all time,

Love lives - 


©Chris Colyer

January 15, 2018


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