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God's Perfect Gift

Searches for rocks and the perfect weed flowers,

walks holding hands and so many rain showers,

puddles, rainwater rivers, and a killdeer bird nest,

front porch babies, tiaras, and pretending to rest.

Skipping, jumping, and counting  to sixty,

how long is a minute and spin till you're tipsy,

falls, boo boos, bumps and ice packs,

climbing, sliding, and jumping jacks.

Wild flower bouquets and here comes the bride,

baby sighs and messy mud pies,

sorting rocks and shells and pretend beach play,

working to keep bug fears at bay.

Nap time, play time, and snack time too,

silly songs, rhymes, and peek-a-boo,

cars and farms and fire trucks,

baby snuggles and cleaning up.

Pretend play, reading, and yet more stories,

changing diapers in all their glory,

hide-n-seek, dress ups, and Barbie play,

videos saved for indoor rainy days.

Eating out and grandma treats,

way, way too many sweets,

bike rides, baby ducks, and playing outside,

new milestones, dance recitals, and so much pride.

Drawing, Connect Four, and Tic-Tac-Toe,

fixing hair and making it ever just so,

animal sounds, silly words, and our favorite boa constrictor song,

reading the story's words and being corrected when you're wrong.

Potty runs and baby smells,

diaper bags and wishing wells,

shopping, posing, and she wants pink,

making coffee cake by the sink.

Arched back stretches and newborn pirate grins,

cute little dimpled chins,

eat, sleep, poop, and smile,

grandbabies make it all worthwhile.

Together we make magic and memories galore,

we cherish every moment and can't wait for more,

grandma and grandpa make the very best friends,

but so do grandkids forever times ten.

So hold them, snuggle them, and never let them go,

treasure each moment and bask in its glow,

for there is nothing in this world that compares to this shift

or the joy that you'll reap from  this, God's perfect gift.

©Chris Colyer

May 20, 2018

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