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Image by Jude Beck

My Wish For You                                    (especially for my grandchildren)

If I could I would offer you the moon and the stars,

their comfort and light enclosed in your very own jar,

so this jar you could look at wherever you are,

to be reminded I'm watching and loving from afar.

If I could I would offer you the gift of giant wings,

to fly you to places that change your perspective on hard things,

to help free you from worry and the weight of life's stings,

to soar you nearest the heavens for the peace that they bring.

If I could I would offer you immersion in God's creation,

for it's in nature where you'll find your most valuable education,

exploring the world's wonder with inquiry's keen observation,

you'll find the answer to every problem just waiting for revelation.

If I could I would light your way with shiny droplets of morning dew,

or pave your path with crystals as sparkly as winter's first debut,

if only to remind you how God illuminates the way forward and through,

but also highlights the tiny miracles often lost in broader view.

In life you'll have choices to make every day,

some that overwhelm and some you'll downplay,

but know that no matter their magnitude or array,

your decisions will be guided if you'll first stop to pray.

For life has a way of guiding you where to go,

it's simply a matter of trusting the whispers that bestow

your connection to the love ever-present and aglow,

to the source of divine energy from which we all flow.

So when you are struggling or your heart hurts from pain,

look to the sky for there I'll remain,

watching you and guiding you through ever bruise and every strain,

reminding you of my lessons and the power that's yours to claim!

© Chris Colyer

January 23, 2021

My Wish For You (especially for my grandchildren): Project
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