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Poems About Faith, Hope, and the Power of the Human Spirit

Let Not

To persevere in the face of what some would have you believe is doom and hopelessness,

to be bold enough to refuse to believe the story that has been painted of humanity in complete decline,

and the world headed for utter catastrophe,

means living by, and forging a way of thinking, of believing, of behaving that risks being seen as idealistic and naïve, or as over reactive and reclusive, or even as uninformed, undereducated, or that of a spiritual zealot.

But accept this, we must, if we are to unite as a human race with the goal of healing that which is broken,

that which is now clearly  in need of reformation, compassion, and love in order to alter its trajectory.

So, let not the tears shed for feelings of powerlessness, gloom, or injustice become the only well from which we drink,

nor our anger, outrage, devastation, or sadness be at the center of our every thought and conversation.

Let not worry and fear be the place in which we choose to reside each and every day,

nor despair the pillow upon which we rest our heads each night.

For they are as the parasite to its host and the leech to its prey,

constant sources of irritation, distraction, and strife,

sucking from us life,

and with it the ability to be fully present in love’s consciousness and healing powers.

Let not the darkness of mankind's shortcomings find a curtain that will dim the brightness of our collective soul,

nor the existence of human suffering be the gray cloud that threatens to block all that rightly shines.

For our faith is in the promise of what cannot be seen nor understood,

and our hope is as the constant of the Light in each new day.

Let us not spend our energy in health-weakening panic nor constant nagging alarm for the world's state of affairs,

or caught up in the discouragement and addictive negativity of the sticky web called politics and  social media.

For the time of the chrysalis is upon us and the butterfly is being asked to be patient in its rebirth!

For now is the time for spiritual rekindling, reawakening, and a renewal of faith,

for the spirit workers of the world, both the enlightened angels who walk among us and those whose whispers can be heard from beyond, to glow with their radiance of knowing and being,

to be the comforting yet nudging force that awakens each of us to the other and to the beauty of our personal and shared plight,

to be the love that lights the path to change.

Let our efforts, then, be centered on communal prayer and meditation to ease suffering, to increase tolerance and compassion, to find peace, to forgive, and to heal,

not to agitate, preach, degrade, judge, humiliate, or disregard another for the sake of ego's dangerous pride.

Bury not your heads in the sand when there is injustice, misunderstanding, or misinformation before you, of course,

nor turn a blind eye to malice with intent to harm,

for when help is required, help must be given if ability and circumstances allow.

But, remain not in the darkness of that which is wicked or evil,

and linger not in the thought or fear of that which is absent of Light,

for that upon which we focus our thoughts and energy

is what will multiply in and around us.

In all things, let love be your purpose,

and kindness be your guide,

let responsibility be your example,

and enriching spirit be your intent,

let understanding be your goal,

and compassion be your gift.

For as we each work to heal the wounds we hold within with new awareness,

so shall we be helping to heal that which is hurting and suffering around us.

As we reawaken to the meaning of existence,

and to our interconnection with each other and with mother earth,

our hearts emit a newfound gratitude whose ripples are never-ending.

And as this healing slowly spreads like a wave,

too shall the Light of Love,

the promise of Hope,

the courage for more change,

and the power and beauty of all that is to be.

Let us be steadfast in our faith in the forces unseen,

and in the power of the human spirit to unify and overcome,

for within each of us is lies a heart connected one with the other,

and with our supreme energy source, that of God.

Therefore, let us not live with the darkness that is fear as our guide

when love is the strongest and brightest force in the universe,

and an energy that unites us as one.

Let not the world crumble by our negative thoughts, fears, and deeds

when the power to change is a choice that belongs to us all.

©Chris Colyer

Originally written: January 6, 2020

Revised in light of the Coronavirus: March 18, 2020

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