The Shift

(the poem that started it all, 2 weeks after my father's death)

Something happens in your soul

when you experience death intimately,

when you allow yourself to see and feel its beauty,

even in the midst of your heartache and despair.

Something in your being shifts –

it’s as if nothing is the same,

yet it is…

only it’s more beautiful,

more meaningful,

more perfect.

I’m changed,

Yet I’m still me -

just feeling more profoundly,

experiencing more deeply,

and understanding more intuitively…

how it all works,

how we all interconnect,

how it’s all meant to be,

how perfect it all is,

how perfect we all are.

I get it now,

in a way I never have before,

and I am transformed.

Suddenly I want to do more,

be more,

see more,

understand more.

My spirit has been awakened

and I feel a pull within

that is shifting the way

I “see” everything.

I “feel” my father all around me,

enveloping me,

nudging me,

reassuring me,

guiding me…

and even in the midst of this

overwhelming sadness

and chaos,

I am at peace.

I am new.

 ©Chris Colyer

Feb. 8, 2015



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