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Poems About Perspective

What if ?

What if we looked at death differently?
What if we saw it as a reward for a life that gave all it had to give, and that impacted all it could impact, whether that was a short time here on this earth or a long time,
or as the highest honor one can receive for striving to be their best for as long as they could,
or for giving and loving so hard that it was time to walk through the gates of eternity into peace and glory.
What if we saw death differently.
In fact, what if we accepted that everything eventually ceases to be, whether that's a living thing in nature, or a person, or a time of life, or a storm, or water sitting in an open basin, or a day, or the sweat rolling down our back on a hot day, or the dark, or pain of any kind. Heck, we accept that our material things age and wear out over time, so why not everything else?
Surely there is comfort in imagining a special place where the things that cease to be go for their final resting place... somewhere out there in limbo, in the creases and folds of time.
But what about the big things that cease to be? The ones that take us down with sadness when they are no longer? These reside securely in the place of the forever with all other heart memories.
The end of what and who you are in this moment is happening constantly. Every moment you are aging and changing and some part of you, as well as some part of your life, is slowly wearing out, no longer of use, no longer capable of what it once was, or dying. We unconsciously accept this as just the way things are. So, there is really no need to struggle with death when we realize that it's merely a normal part of everyday living, and simply the end of one leg of a beautiful journey.

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