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Poems About Nature and Her Gifts

The Lessons of the World

There are things this world patiently waits for.

Over and over she shows us her beauty, her fierceness, her loyalty,

her resolve, her strength, her extreme survival,

and hopes we will see,

we will learn,

how to be, how to bend,

how to protect, how to love,

how to accept, how to let go,

how to shine, how to persevere.

She shows us everything we need to know to understand life, and how to prosper,

and asks only that we look closely enough to really see, to really appreciate her extraordinary abilities and her incredible gifts to us.

She asks that we not harm her, each other, or other living things,

that we embrace the perfect balance and order of things,

that we accept the undeniable divinity with which she, and we, were made.

She waits, patiently, for us to see ourselves in her,

for us to recognize that what we do to her, we do to ourselves,

for us to realize that the care and regard we give to her is gifted back to us ten times over,

for us to internalize that we and she are intertwined as one living, loving, breathing ecosystem, each dependent on the other for surviving and thriving.

But she is getting weary of waiting, and her grip is slipping.

She is choking on our pollution,

and she is falling ill from our chemicals.

Her arms are bulging with our overindulgence,

and her shoulders are dropping from the weight of our waste.

Her arteries are clogging with our hatred,

and her heart is breaking from our selfishness.

She wishes for us to be still,

to simplify,

to hear her calling in our spirits.

She longs for us to operate from a place of love,

to be grateful,

to respect the sacredness of God's magnificent creation.

She wishes for us to sit outside in her glorious offering,

to bask in the warmth of her sun,

to walk in the beauty of her nature,

to lose ourselves in the dreaminess of her exquisite blue skies and in the mystery of her starry night darkness.

She begs for us to see possibility in her inspiring sunrises,

to see promise in her comforting sunsets,

to see hope in her gifting rainbows,

and to see resilience in her awe-inspiring rebirth after tragedy.

She longs for us to follow her lead in the changing of seasons,

to feel her energy coursing through our veins,

to learn from her example of adaptation,

to take heed of her warnings,

to wrap ourselves in the splendor of her magnificence

to have admiration for her healing powers.

She waits for us to seek guidance and understanding from her longevity,

to have reverence for the God who created her supreme functioning,

to embrace the wonder of her capabilities,

and to preserve and protect the nature she gifts to us.

There are things the world patiently waits for, and you are chief among them.

She has so many lessons to teach you,

so much healing to offer,

so much love to share.

Will you be among those who dedicate yourself to her longevity, and to our overall well-being as a healthy planet and people?

For how much longer will she wait?

Her pulse beats in sync with yours.

Be still and feel it.

She waits for the collective exhale that says it's time.

Chris Colyer

April 6, 2019

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