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The Do-Over

We stayed in this place too long, my heart says.

I think we all knew it wasn't sustainable for much longer.

The lack of everything,

caused by too much of everything.

The decline of relationship,

caused by focus on everything but.

The excusing of kindness and compassion,

in the name of self-absorption.

The loss of awareness,

caused by busyness.

The obsession with appearance

over realization of reality.

The worship of self

over communion with God.

The absence of social graces

caused by social media's short cuts and screen.

So now what?

We push forth.

We create new intention.

We dream new dreams.

We live more minimally.

We refocus on faith.

We prepare for what it looks like to try again,

to do better,

to be gifted with another chance to get it right.

For what will one day likely be referred to as ‘The Big Do-over.’

Out of every hardship comes learning.

After every storm comes the calm.

After winter's long sleep comes spring’s rebirth.

After darkness comes light.

After loss comes birth.

After death comes new life.

This is our do-over.

This is your chance.

This is grace in motion.

Listen to your heart.

It knows what you must do,

what we must do,


Chris Colyer

March 28, 2020

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