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The Whispers of the Wind

I look for what cannot be seen -

for what the end looks like.

My heart says to be still,

for the truth can only be found in quiet's immersion.

But my head screams to be able to see the way,

for it knows nothing if not how to plan ahead.

It swirls with the chaos and fear of the unknown,

it cries for predictability and grieves for what is lost.

BE STILL, go outside, something within me wails!

I step into the outside world where worry loses all power.

I close my eyes and take several slow deep breaths.

I listen for the whispers of those who have gone before me,

the wise whispers of those that live in the stillness of the wind.

My spirit feels the comfort of their swirling breezes around me,

my heart intuits their message of reassurance and hope.

Everything that is to come will come, and everything that is to go will go,

like the rhythm that is day and night, the loop that is ebb and flow, and the unbroken circle that is birth and death.

There is no end, they murmur,

there is only the beauty of new beginnings.

There is no need for fear.

Accept, trust, they whisper.

The way forward is with joy and gratitude for what is to come.

The way back matters not, for you are being asked to let go of what can no longer be, what no longer serves the greatest good.

I breathe this message into every cell of my being.

I enter into the peace of God that is at the center of the energy of which we are all a part.

With new solace, I let go my fear

that it might be dispersed as reassigned tiny particles of love,

charged with spreading the comforting whispers of the wind.

All is well, I hear them say.

All is well. ❤

©Chris Colyer

April 1, 2020

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