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Poems About Enlightenment, Spirituality, and Life Beyond Death

Can you feel divinity at work around you? Do you experience moments of utter exquisiteness, overwhelming perfection, or the sense that there is immense interconnectedness everywhere? And do these moments and the feelings associated with them make you incredibly emotional? These moments are happening to me more frequently as I continue to heal from grief, open my heart to forgiveness, trust in God's guidance, and grow in faith.

I believe these moments are gifts of subconscious awareness crossing over into conscious acknowledgment. They are brief epiphanies of the unfathomable magnitude of the love that exists and is at work behind the scenes - love that surrounds us from the spiritual realm, yet also overlaps, intersects with, and transcends the physical dimension where we currently reside. The more we open ourselves to the love that is the source, and the force behind this, and all life, the more I believe these opportunities for enlightenment present themselves. And when they happen, they are instantly both overpowering and deeply affecting.

Recently, in a perfectly ordinary family gathering, I experienced another of these moments of illuminating awareness that I have come to call "Perfect Moments" - that is, moments where I feel an utterly awe-inspiring sense of love and gratitude so profound that I am moved to tears. It's as if in one blinding flash of clarity, I recognize everything that lead to the creation of the life and the perfection before me, and I recognize the power of the human psyche to connect and create within, around, and beyond ourselves. The sense of connection is every bit as overpowering and emotional as it is enlightening and reassuring.

These feelings are where this poem originates from.

Perfect Moments

And after the storm,

when you are ready to receive them,

there will come the occurrence of

perfect moments -

inexplicable soul stirrings and enlightened instants that for reasons unable to be verbalized in the moment itself, will move you to tears.

Be in the hallowedness of those moments.

Feel life's miraculous-ness.

Let yourself be overcome

with its flawlessness,

be overwhelmed

with its beauty,

be mesmerized

with its truth.

Drink up its elixir,

breathe in its glory,

taste its sweetness,

sense its guidance,

drown in its message,

and know -

really know -

in the essence of your being

that these moments are

gifts -

part of the divine

collective consciousness



embossed in time,

and evermore manifested

as transcendent

ripples of love


through eternity.

Chris Colyer

September 9, 2018

Poems About Enlightenment, Spirituality, and Life Beyond Death: List
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