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Listen to the wind

and know it is Me,

blowing away your troubles,

reminding you to see

the incredible perfection there is

in every twist and turn,

the fresh air in my breezes

that carries the messages you yearn.

Listen for the rain,

it’s my cleansing gift to you,

to wash away your impurities,

to make you brand new,

I’ll water your soul,

quench your thirst for answers,

grow your spirit's garden,

heal your heart of its cancers.

Listen for the rumbles

that remind you I'm here,

come to me with your worries,

know I am always near.

Let go of your guilt,

throw it into the storm,

I'll carry your burdens,

guide you gently in being reborn.

Listen for the calm

that comes after the storm,

it's my gift for your healing,

the pause that transforms,

a chance to catch your breath,

to feel my touch despite your ache,

to clean the debris cluttering your spirit,

to see my light too often forsaked.

Listen to your heart,

know I'm there with every beat,

reminding you how to love,

seeing you through each challenging feat,

guiding your every thought,

growing you in courage and in strength,

grooming you in my likeness,

carrying you through, no matter the length.


©Chris Colyer

 March 20, 2017

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