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Image by Johannes Plenio

Whispering Sunset

Tonight's breathtaking sunset whispers to me of your presence,

and I cannot hold back my tears.

I feel your spirit wrapped with the spirits of so many others,

swirled into the beauty that is before me.

Somehow it looks different tonight,

or maybe I just want to see it differently

as I search for you to reveal yourself,

desperate to feel you again,

desperate for something to fill the void left by your absence.

In this moment, the colors before me feel as though they have been stirred together

with the perfection of my very own Master artist,

chosen solely for me,

as if He is with you and also in my head, simultaneously,

and together you have painted the exact beautiful scene to soothe my unrest.

In the awe of this moment

I wonder if you are really there,

a part of those magnificent colors,

the way I sense you to be,

or if I am just imagining you,

wishing you into something more tangible.

What if, I ponder, every new spirit entering heaven only adds ever more beauty to the earth's landscape?

What if the color and beauty we see before us is really the collective beauty of millions of beautiful souls -

souls whose colorful individuality explodes into particles that meld into the Master's brush stroke?

Through the sunset you whisper to me.

©Chris Colyer

September 5, 2016

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