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To Know Bliss

Wind that is sweetened by the wildflowers

and filled with the reassuring whispers of understanding,

caress our senses with your healing touch,

use your wisdom-filled breezes to carry away our fear and despair.

Summer shower that rains down with the softness of the clouds

and gets refracted into rainbows by the sun,

cool our overheating worry into dissipating steam,

bathe us in your colors of everlasting hope.

Sky's heavy eyes that flutter with the weight of impending darkness

and glimpse us your pink and peach sunset colored eyeshadow,

teach us to relinquish our day's insecurities to your closing curtain,

fill our spirits with the promise of unburdened slumber.

Darkness that whispers our wishes to the stars

and offers your black canopy as a cover for  heartache's release,

blanket us in your predictable comforting quiet,

carry us to dreamland's escape from our grief and unrest.

Moon that lights the path to restorative tranquility

and triggers regeneration of soul's batteries,

shine on us your mysterious unknown powers,

regulate within us the tides that will guide our new rhythm toward healing and peace.

New day that shines with opportunity

and offers fresh perspective and clean slates,

bask us in the glory of your transformative potential,

illuminate the way through this great awakening to a new enlightened reality built on love.

Spirit that is connected to the source of all love

and that speaks the language of heart through intuition,

remind us of our ability to manifest the change we long to see,

guide us back to the sanctuary that is divine love's pure bliss.


©Chris Colyer

July 7, 2020

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