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Poems About Grandparenting


C'mon, gamma-poppop

hide, hide, hide!

Walk outside,

go up hill,

run down,

hold hand,


see ducks,

sit here, sit.

Hi gamma,

hi poppop,

play kitchen,

sit here, drink coffee,

necklace pretty,

dance, dance,

Francine, Max, Charlotte

spin around,


Take bath,

zurbit belly button,

ring around rosie,

read story,

more story,

say prayers,

hug, hug, hug,


I love you!

Ride bike,

swing and slide - wheeeee,

make 'who who,' poppop,

c'mon, ducks, eat berries,

airplane, one - two,

big truck,

loud sound,

pretty flowers,

smell good outside!

Watch Minnie's Bowtique, poppop,

that tickle,


march, march,

round and round it goes,


wibbleton to wobbleton,

where's Charlotte?,

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 .

So much to see,

so much to do and play.

So much to hear,

so much to touch and taste.

Be present,

here, with me,

in this moment

Isn't it amazing?

Isn't life grand?

I love you.

I see you.

I want you to feel everything,

like I do.

Are you with me?

Now you are.

Now you see too.

No say bye-bye


I love the way

you see ME,

and how you see with me,

like it's all brand new,

like you're seeing it

for the first time too.

Senses awakened.

No say bye-bye


I love how you love me,

the way only gamma and poppop can.

I love how you want

to be with me every second,

watch every single thing I do,

hold me and never let me go,

and play all my favorite games.

No say bye-bye

gamma- poppop.

I love you,

you love me,

we're best friends,

like friends should be.

I love you,

and you love me,

and we're so happy

you can see,

YES, we're as happy as can be. ♥

©Chris Colyer


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