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Where We'll Meet

Preface: Faith - Hope - Love, it's what sustains me. It's what I come back to every time I'm feeling overwhelmed, sad, stuck, lonely, disappointed, or like the news is more than I can bear to hear all over again for another day. It's what get's me to the starting place where I can write my way back fully into the Light. My prayer is that my words do the same for you - help you see and feel the Light that is God, that is Love. 

I'll meet you where the air is clean and the skies are their bluest blue,

just past the juncture of yesterday and tomorrow,

for it is there we will celebrate the joy of what is coming,

while we release the last of our shame and our sorrow.

I'll see you where the rivers run clear and their purity sparkles like crystals,

at the mouth where their life-force connects with mankind,

for it is there we'll be joined as one with all of nature,

nourishing our bodies and spirits with God's perfect design.

I'll find you where the stars number more than ever before,

at the place where hope touches the unfathomability of infinity,

for it is there that our interconnection will be fully revealed

as we join hands in the overwhelming omniscience of divinity.

I'll wait for you where the wild animals now visit,

at the bridge between what was and what is to be,

for it is there that we will feel the sanctity of all of life,

and view the impact of change as far as our eyes can see.

I'll fly with you where the birds' jubilant songs meet with heaven's,

at that place where hearts and eternity harmonize,

for it is there that we will celebrate our healing transformation,

and witness the glories of eternal change magnified.

©Chris Colyer

April 18, 2020

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