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I Am and Always Will Be, Enough

You were that part of my world that tried to manipulate me into thinking I was less than.

But my will to survive?

My resolve and determination to succeed?

My fearless pursuit of happiness beyond what you or anyone did to me?

My courage in sharing my story?

These traits were wired into me from the beginning of my creation.

I merely had to tap into what was already innately within,

what God, in His perfect omniscience, knew I would one day need and gifted to me, like treasure waiting to be discovered.

When at last I fully realized my own power to transcend my circumstances,

that's the day I let go of you and defeated every heavy weight still holding me in place.

That's the day I released every preconceived notion I carried of the victim I was or had once been.

That's the day I embraced gratitude for every life event and person, both good and bad, that helped to form me.

That’s the day I began to be kinder and gentler to myself.

That's the day I owned my sacred womanhood.

That's the day I was born into the full glory of who I am and who I am yet to become.

That's the day the world felt my power as I lifted my hands to the heavens in praise and thanksgiving.

I am woman.

I am indomitable.

I am a visionary.

I am a creator of life,

of beauty,

of art,

of kindness,

of love.

I am a giver,

a teacher.

a mother,

and a healer.

I am a writer,

a listener,

and an intuit.

I am love incarnate.

I am enough, just the way I am.

I hold within me, at my deepest core, everything I will ever need.

I am the manifestation of what I bring to myself,

of that which is within,

of that which God has provided,

of that which my thoughts create.

I am joy and happiness,

I am light.

I am of the earth,

of the sky,

of the water,

of the air.

I am entwined with all there ever was, is, and will be.

I am evermore.

I am of God.

I am perfectly and masterfully created.

I am exactly as intended.

I am worthy.

I am love.

I am, and always will be,


I offer you the knowledge of the gift you are.

I offer you the realization that you, too, are enough,

exactly as you are.

©Chris Colyer

March 10, 2019

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