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Grandma's Heaven

I dance momentarily in her magical world,

flitting in and out of rainbows,

conversing with princesses,

painting with fairies,

swimming with mermaids,

blowing bubbles with the wind,

and dodging rain sprinkles with giggles.

One minute we are absorbed in the waddle and cheep of a tiny baby duck,

and the next we are pretending to be good little bad little pigs.

She teaches me her nonsensical made-up words and newly discovered language,

I teach her whimsical, silly children's songs that she begs to hear over and over and over.

We share garlic olives, oranges, gluten free treats, and "grandma-Charlotte bars,"

and watch Dancing With The Stars Disney Night.

We talk about her friends,

her school,

her upcoming Tinkerbell 4th birthday,

her favorite toys,

her dreams,

her love of make-believe and anything that sparkles.

I combat the unseen, evil forces that prey on the minds of inventive, imaginative, smart, little girls,

chase away her bad dreams,

and squash her night time dark fears with my super-power cuddles.

I am mesmerized by her joy,

transfixed by her giggles,

drawn to the purity of her innocence,

fascinated by her imagination,

transposed to my own joyful child.

I am pulled into the magic of the moment,

the gift of the here and now,

the power of unconditional love,

the perfection of life's lessons.

I am blessed with new eyes that see nothing

beyond the beauty and effervescence of what twirls and twinkles and sparkles before me

in this moment.

I see her,

I am present,

I am limitless love,

I am grandma.

I am in heaven.   



©Chris Colyer

 April 21, 2017

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