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Poems About Love, Gratitude, and Forgiveness

Everything That Was, Still Is

For now, let your heart be a pillow for your sorrow,

and your tears overflow the vessel that is carrying you through today's floodwaters of forever,

but, while you grieve, may you also rest in the assurance of what you long ago knew and slowly will relearn -

that everything that was

still is,

just in different form.

This is not to say that knowing this makes the heartache of loss any easier,

but it does soften her jagged edges as time inches forward -

as you begin to remember what your heart already knows,

as you allow room for what your senses will slowly start to tell you,

and as your loved one reaches out to you in myriad ways from beyond.

Grasping the concept of time and space as merely two of many possible dimensions that form reality is beyond the comprehension of most,

but if you think of your loved one as within you,

around you,

and living in all that was and still is,

there will be comfort for your ache,

gratitude for the gifts of birth and death, and

realization of the power that is love's timelessness and limitlessness.

Your loved one is not lost to you,

but instead exists in the everyday beauty that walks with you and surrounds you:

In family, memory, thought, words, and tradition.

In the gifts of each season, in the flow of the water, and in the living, breathing nature of which we are all a part.

In the colors of the sunrises and sunsets, in the rays of sunshine, and in the sparkle of her shine off of the water.

In the starry nighttime sky, in the glow of the moon, and in the infiniteness of the solar system.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to breathe in what you already know somewhere deep within -

that everything is connected and interwoven in a giant tapestry of life,

that death, though a loss of physical presence, is not absence of life -

it is the rebirth of energy in glorious new form and new dimension.

Be comforted by the majesty of God's awe-inspiring creation because it is here, there, and everywhere, that your loved one is and shall evermore be.

For what was and is love

can and will never be anything but,

as love is the life energy - the heartbeat - that connects us to God,

and it fuels everything,

in all dimensions,

for all of eternity.

Chris Colyer

Dec. 4th 2019

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