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The Message of the Dandelion Seed

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

"Do not be afraid," I hear the dandelion seed whisper as he waits patiently, albeit excitedly, for his flight.

I see him quiver with anticipation as the light breeze tickles his hair.

"How are you not afraid when you don't know where you are going," I ask.

He looks at me as if he does not understand my question.

"Why would I need to be afraid?" he asks almost incredulously.

"I know everything I need to know."

"I know the wind will carry me, and the sun and the rain will take care of me," he states matter of factly.

"And how do you know when to let go, I ask.

"I don't choose, he explains, a perfect power already designed the plan for me. I just trust in that power to carry me when the time is right. I feel it."

Suddenly, I understand his message:



Faith in the power of what cannot be seen or known or even understood.

Faith in God's perfect design.

Faith that is steadfast and unfaltering.

Faith is not something to be chosen only when it feels safe to do so, or only when you feel confident in the outcome.

The whole point of faith is believing that the road forward, no matter how challenging or difficult, will open itself to you in the right timing and in the perfect manner, in the way that has been predestined; that has already been perfectly planned and orchestrated just for you.

It's an intuitive knowing that you are loved and supported beyond anything you can fathom, and knowing that because of this, what is meant to be will be...perfectly.

It means having inexplicable belief in the power of what cannot be seen, but can only be felt within.

It means knowing with every ounce of your being that questioning why or how or when is not only not your worry, it is unnecessary, because the perfect designer does not make mistakes.

There simply are no mistakes.

Living in Faith or living in fear?

Those are the choices.

Living in fear simply means you are trying too hard to control the outcome - to know the unknowable.

Living in faith is living with unfaltering trust and unwavering belief.

It is relinquishing control because you know deep in your heart that things always work for your greatest good, even when you can't see your way through to the end.

Even when you can't imagine how any of it will work itself out.

Even when what's happening is not what you like or think you want!

The dandelion seed doesn't need to question when it's his time to fly, or where he will land, or what will happen after that, or even after that.

The leaves don't question when to change color or when to fall.

The flowers don't question when it is time to sleep or time to be reborn.

The seasons aren't afraid to let go when it's their turn to bow to change.

The tree that falls in the woods knows he will continue to play an essential role in sustaining life around him; in maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

They were designed to trust,

To be,

To live with flow,

To withstand adversity,

To bend with energy,

To know the power of what is.

Why, then, should we be afraid of ANYTHING?

Why do we question everything!?

Nature is filled with reassuring examples of the exquisite perfection in life's design,

examples of holding on and of the beauty in letting go,

Of the invisible, magnificent energy that carries and guides and directs every aspect of life,

Examples of how life begets life,

How everything cycles in its perfect time,

How everything impacts everything else,

How birth and death are merely the source of new beginnings.

Have faith that you will be blown, carried, or planted in the spot in which you are next intended to grow.

Trust that what you need will find its way to you,

and that the answers will be revealed when the time is right.

For as the leaves slowly relinquish their hold when it's their time to let go,

and as the water always finds its way over the rocks and through even the tiniest of cracks on its way to its final destination,

and as each spring births anew,

and as life continues to find new life after death,

so, too, will you blossom over and over when you let go of your need to command your ship; when you allow God to take the helm,

when you have faith in the forces that cannot be seen or understood, but simply are.

God's timing is never wrong.


And when you get stuck,

when you find yourself back in that rabid cage of fear -

feeling overwhelmed, overwrought, overburdened, over worried -

when you can't imagine how everything is going to be ok,

when you can't picture the path to the other side of whatever is weighing you down,

go immerse yourself deep in nature,

go where the glory of God whispers with the beauty of love, of perfection, of design, of everlasting life,

and where your soul will feel what your mind cannot.

Go there and lean on God.

Stop for a minute and really think about the faith in that one little perfectly designed dandelion seed.

Nature knows.

And, deep inside you, you know too.

Now, let go...

Let faith.

Spring blessings, everyone,

and so much love,


March 24, 2021

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