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Flipping the Switch!

What makes us ready one day for something that before we weren't ready for, or before we felt incapable of doing?

It's as though one day something inside us just suddenly snaps and we're finally ready to take charge, to do whatever it takes to fix what needs fixing.

Sometimes it takes a LONG time for us 'to snap out of' the rut we are in and 'snap into' a new thought and action process. Sometimes we subconsciously don't want to 'snap out of it' because the alternative seems too overwhelming, because we can't see another way, or because any other way simply seems too hard for the emotional reserves we have available at the time we are going through whatever it is.

For me the sudden snap can be some words I read that inspire me, or a dream or a feeling that keeps revisiting me, or just the right amount of frustration with myself or anger with a situation, or a whisper from my intuition that slowly turns into a nudging that turns into a final push!

I'm not sure what happened this time, but after several days of feeling like I was literally drowning again in grief and some scary dark despair (anniversaries of the death of loved ones, devastating world events, financial and emotional uncertainty with my upcoming 'retirement,' etc, etc), I 'woke up' earlier this week with new clarity that snapped me out of my funk.

These heartfelt words are the result of that clarity.

Flipping The Switch

I flip the switch in my head -

you know the one,

that switch that suddenly changes the narrative you've been too long allowing to control your mood and your actions,

the narrative that was making it easier to not have to own any responsibility,

to not have to change my dance,

to not have to do anything except be sad.

That switch...I flip that switch.

I flip it from grief to hope,

from heartache to optimism,

from helpless to powerful,

from immobility to action.

I visualize myself opening the blinds to my spirit and allowing the light to pour in.

I open my eyes to the beauty around me that begs to be seen.

I open my arms to receive the goodness that wants to fill me.

I open my heart to the sights and sounds that flood my senses and regularly overflow as gratitude.

I remind myself that I am here to thrive:

to create, to love, to give,

to do everything I can to be my best self because it's my best self who will make the greatest difference in the lives of others,

despite my overwhelming sadness over world events,

despite my worries and fears over the future world my grandchildren will inhabit,

despite my angst over the unknown and so many forces seemingly out of my control.

I know this is truth - that I am here to thrive.

I know it like I know the sun will rise tomorrow.

I know it, the same way I know with every ounce of my being that we are all connected,

that each and every one of us is joined through the realms of space and time and distance,

that we are linked with our loved ones moved on, and with those around us and in other parts of the world suffering the horrors of war, the challenges of poverty, and the devastation of both natural and man-made disasters.

When we accept these truths that we are meant to thrive and that we are all connected, it becomes easy to believe we can each make a difference with our thoughts, our prayers, and our intentions,
with our purposeful living and loving in this moment and beyond,
with the same energy that we misguidedly expend in worry and sadness and feelings of helplessness.

I make the choice (yes, choice!) to put this energy instead into prayer, mediation, and affirmation,

into focusing on imagining those who are suffering, hurting, and scared being wrapped by the masses in a giant blanket of love.

I choose to focus on what can be, on what I wish to see, on what I believe the human experience should be, and on what I want the world to look like.

I choose to believe in the healing power of love.

I am switching the narrative from one of helplessness to one of resourcefulness,

from onlooker to co-creator,

from vulnerable to strong,

from fear to trust,

from despair to hope,

from grief to gratitude.

My intuition whispers that the way forward is with intentionality -

with the desire to make a difference,

with the goal to control what I can, beginning with myself and the immediate circle around me,

with the objective of influencing heart-led, love-centered living,

with the motive to affect change that ripples from my heart to that of another, to that of another -

one heart and one person at a time, one touch and one ah-ha moment at a time, one link and one positive vibration at a time,

until the causal sequence creates a force,

and that force generates momentum,

and that momentum becomes a spiraling ball of traveling energy -

energy that heals,

energy that creates the peace I wish to see,

the peace I believe can be.

Don't accept a defeatist narrative.

Don't believe that you can't make a difference.

Don't believe that you are powerless to do anything significant to affect change.

For that defeatist negative energy does nothing positive for you or for the world at large.

Remember, the capillaries that carry our life force are energetically the same as the roots that intertwine and carry life throughout nature and throughout humanity.

That energy is both our connection and our power!

You, me, all of us.... we are so much more capable than we know, and so much more powerful than we realize, especially when joined together by spirit, by love, and by intention.

Stand in nature and feel the electricity,

feel the gift and the power that is life,

feel the master design,

feel God!

Be in awe, and know that you are integrally connected to this greatness,

this divinity -

this all-powerful source.

Use this capacity -and your unique gifts- to change lives!

Imagine if we all decided to simultaneously step into the power of our presence with the loving intention of creating peace.

Can you imagine it?

Can you feel it?

I can.

"Each loving intention creates a beautiful potential." (Harold W. Becker)

"With God, all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26)

Sending love to make it through,


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