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Divine Pie, Anyone?

Food for thought:

When something is divided, it's still part of the whole from which it came, right? It doesn't cease to be a part of the whole just because its cut, separated, different looking from the other pieces, or changes form in some way.

Because, where it came from doesn't change.

Sort of like a person doesn't stop being a person just because they lose a limb in a tragic accident or are born disabled in some way.

Or, like a piece of pie is still pie once it's cut.

Or, like the family you are born into doesn't stop being your family just because members become separated, disagree, move away, marry, or pass on.

Like a sawed off board will always be a part of the larger piece of lumber- or the original tree- from which it was cut.

"Ok, enough already," I can hear you saying.

(just making sure I've made my point...LOL)

Such is the case with humanity. We are all pieces of one whole pie. We are all branches off the same tree of life.

We can never be anything else but a part of the whole from which we originated. We can hold characteristics that are unique to us as individuals, of course, but we will always remain a part of the whole from which we came.

What divides us is not being born into separate families or coming into this world at different times and in different places, or even having differing personalities. What divides us is forgetting that the source/love from which we all come -God/our creator- is one and the same, and that means you and I are the same at our core.

A division of any kind is only a negative thing when it's deemed to be… when it's judged as so...when it's looked upon as something other than what it actually is (a difference in thought, opinion, belief, morality, etc)...when we forget that we are actually two or more parts of the same whole, just with differing thoughts, ideas, and attitudes. There isn’t any real division between two or more parties until it is made so by expectation and judgement (ie: I’m right, you’re wrong). But this can only happen when we allow ego into the equation and lose sight of the fact that each part, or each party involved, is still part of the one perfect whole from which it came, and therefore equal to us, equal before our maker, and equal in terms of volition. We (the individual) are no more or less than another. One person's opinion is no more or less correct than another's (even if ego wants to believe it is). It is simply what it is: a personal opinion. Each person's "truth" (what they believe) is a complicated combination of many, many factors, none of which have anything to do with that individual being more worthy, more correct, more anything than another. We are each worthy of the same compassion, understanding, and unconditional love we ourselves seek, no matter the differences in opinion that can so easily divide us.

Allowing another person to hold a different viewpoint or an opposing opinion (without becoming critical, judgmental, angry or defensive) is actually the purest form of love we can offer in these challenging times when division seems to be deepening, and when divide can feel as though it's being cast upon us like a bad spell.

We (as individuals) are not responsible for the choices of other parts of the whole, nor is it our place to critic the choices of the other pieces of the whole. We are born with free-will to choose and decide the path we will take. There are always choices, even when the choice can feel as though it's between a rock and a hard place, or between two unwanted solutions. A choice is still just that: a CHOICE. And as long as there is free-will and personal liberty, choice will always be something that has the potential to divide, but only if we choose to let it, and only if we lose sight of humanity as a whole.

Our single most important job right now is to remember that we are all pieces of a totality, of one creator, of one gigantic energetic frequency (love). Reminding ourselves of this will help us approach every situation with the same unconditional loving energy and compassion that is the collective hearts' essence. We may each be vibrating at slightly different frequencies depending on where we are in our own personal and spiritual growth, but we are all still pieces of that one same Divine pie. We are heart beings as much as we are human beings. Always choose to be careful with hearts. I put the hands of the preschoolers I daily work with on each other’s hearts whenever they are having a disagreement in order to remind them to choose kind words and to be careful with each other’s hearts. In other words, I teach them that each person’s feelings are worthy. Reaching out and touching another's heart (or holding hands) while the two of you are disagreeing can be a very effective tool!

Everything else only muddies the water and confuses what life, and this time in history, seems to be asking of us...that we love as we are loved, that we forgive as we are forgiven, that we remember that of what we are a part, including that no one part is better, or more worthy, or more right or wrong, than another. Opinions are not what make us human. Staying connected to heart while honoring our own truth as well as that of others is what makes us human.

In the end, we need to stop to realize that what we think (as an individual) matters more than we think, and, yet, it also doesn't matter at all...which is to say that our thoughts and feelings have a far more profound effect on our life than we usually realize (i.e. the power of visualization, the power of positive thinking, the ripple effect, etc). Yet, we also over-complicate everything in our minds and allow our ego to give too much credence to our own opinion over that of someone else, and ultimately our own opinion doesn't matter except as it relates to the choices we make for our self. What matters is our ability to love everyone where they are, not where we want them to be or where we think they should be, or where it would make us feel more comfortable for them to be for this or that reason.

Each person has their own journey to traverse, wrought with choices and decisions and consequences unique to them. One person’s judgment and criticism of another person’s choices does nothing to change that person’s journey. It only impacts the journey of the person doing the judging (ie: causing hurt feelings, loss or damage of a relationship, feelings of guilt/remorse, etc). Separating yourself from the love that makes you, and that you are comprised of -the same love that is in all of us- only creates darkness (anger, hatred, divide) and serves no purpose other than hurt and separateness from our source, and from the light and love that resides in us all.

We are all pieces of one giant, beautiful, colorful, swirling entity. But we are human individuals too, which means we come with personalities and viewpoints and egos and emotions to complicate things, and free-will to navigate on top of it all. Learning how to embrace each other with compassion and absence of judgement, despite our complex individual makeups and emotionally charged subject matters, is what we are being tasked with doing. It's what being a piece of the whole is all about...recognizing and appreciating our unity, while simultaneously loving each part for its value and contribution to the whole. It is the gift of all gifts to be alive, and learning, and loving, and helping evolve humanity in this challenging and wonderful time.

I've said it before and I'll say it over and over again. Strip it all down and Love is what truly matters. What you think matters too, of course, but only in terms of your willingness to keep love at the center of your thinking. You can honor your truth and your beliefs, and simultaneously honor the truth and beliefs of another individual, even when it's hard. That's love. Judging, shaming, bullying, coercing, and criticizing are not our job. Loving is all that matters in the grand scheme of life, because learning how to live with love at the center of every action is exactly what we are here to do. Perhaps we have forgotten what Aristotle so keenly observed, that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts," that together we are stronger. A pie that is cut but doesn't have any pieces removed is stronger and than one with several pieces removed.

Ultimately, division that results from animosity is a choice. It doesn't feel that way sometimes because we are learning, and learning how to be better at something is rarely a linear trajectory. It takes practice. It takes time. It takes trial and error. It can be immensely frustrating when we fail and have to pick ourselves back up, admit weakness, and try again. But the more we choose to stand naked in our own personal truth and to speak from our heart's intuitiveness, without any intention of changing anyone else's beliefs, the greater our own journey of enlightenment and the greater our influence and impact on the whole of humanity.

Just something to consider as you enter into a new week with new possibilities, new engagements, and new opportunities to love as you are loved.

Sending ♥ to all of you, always.


June 13, 2021

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